Ensure your remote
workers have top notch,
ergonomic workstations.

Ensure your remote
workers have top
notch, ergonomic

73% of workers claimed well-managed spaces were the driving force that helped them perform better at work.

How it works


Reduce HR requests and make it easy for remote employees to find what they need. And improve the onboarding process with a curated workflow of tasks and essential products for ergonomic home offices.


Our team can report on, and provide recommendations to increase onboarding efficiencies and ensure remote workers have ergonomic setups. You’ll improve employee wellness and productivity.


Gain access to exclusive products and equipment through our vetted and trusted partners. Examples include benefits for employees, top sourced home office products, and more.

From setting up an effective office space to making genuine connections and staying engaged, employess deserve guidance and support.

  • Improve Productivity
  • Increase Retention
  • Keep Coworkers Connected

Packages & Pricing

For Employers

RampLane Workspot

Employees Price per user
25-100 $0.75/mo
101-250 $0.50/mo
250+ $0.25/mo


  • Streamline workstation setup for new remote workers
  • Curated setup design and workflow, with input from professional designers
  • Existing database of workstation recommendations for current employees
  • Employees can share their workspaces and get inspiration from others
  • Wellness checks that take the weekly pulse of workers


  • Employees maintain ergonomic and top notch workstations
  • Output and productivity increases – the better the remote workstation, the more hours employees will work
  • Save HR time by eliminating workstation requests from employees (“Can you send me a few ideas for a new keyboard or chair? What's a good option?”)
  • Better manage your remote stipends and ensure your dollars go further with the right products for employee home workstations
  • Shield the company any workers comp claims that surface from ergonomic related injuries (back, neck, wrists, or tripping due to clutter)
  • Wellness checks create self awareness for workers and that in turn promotes good work from home discipline
For Employers

RampLane Workstation Assessment

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Summary of remote workstations throughout company

Ergonomic assessment for each worker

Photos of each employees’ workstation

Recommendations on how to improve workspaces, by worker


  • One-time report that shows the state of your remote workers’ workstations
  • Using data from RampLane, the RWA shows completion and verification percentages for all workstations across the company
  • Dashboard pulled directly from RampLane showing participation


  • Gain insights into the ergonomics of your remote workforce
  • Apply correlating data and insights to help remote workers become top performers and more productive at home
  • Enhance workers’ work from home setups by suggesting improvements
  • Identify any health risks related to bad ergonomic setup
For Workers

RampLane Workspot


One-time fee for unlimited access


  • A comprehensive list with everything you need for a high-functioning and ergonomically correct workspace
  • Platform to connect with your team and co-workers. Share photos of your home workspace or exchange design suggestions
  • A curated assortment of leading workspace products from charging ports, to desk chairs, to lighting. Plus, a design consultation with top-rated Interior Designers
  • Wellness checks and tips to maximize productivity and a healthy work/life balance


  • An out of the box solution to set up or add to your home workstation
  • Save yourself the trouble of searching google and looking at 15 different product options for each component of your workstation
  • See what others are doing so you can get inspiration on what makes a good WFH setup
  • Reduce the risk of injury related to ergonomic issues with your workstation

“When an organization lacks visibility it becomes increasingly challenging to detect poor employee workstation setup or at-risk behaviors as well as providing recommendations to address these concerns.”

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